Department of Functional Food Products Development


ul. Chełmońskiego 37, 51-630 Wrocław


Prof. Andrzej Jarmoluk


mgr Halina Beń                      tel. +48 71 320-7782    
mgr Alicja Jurasik  

fax +48 71 320-7781


prof. Józefa Chrzanowska, prof. ass. Anna Dąbrowska, prof. Andrzej Jarmoluk, prof. Wiesław Kopeć, prof. ass. Małgorzata Korzeniowska, prof. ass. Grażyna Krasnowska, prof. ass. Maciej Oziembłowski, prof. Tadeusz Trziszka, prof. ass. Aleksandra Zambrowicz, prof. ass. Anna Zimoch-Korzycka, dr Łukasz Bobak, dr Żaneta Król-Kilińska, dr Dominika Kulig, dr Anna Pudło, dr Anna Salejda, dr Marek Szołtysik

Technical staff

mgr Krystyna Drozdowska, dr Teresa Skiba, mgr Anna Słowińska, mgr Aleksandra Szmaja


Teaching activities

Department offers courses in:

meat technology, milk and dairy technology, poultry and eggs technology, methods of food evaluation, sensory analysis, management of food safety and quality, standardization and normalization, commodity of food products and commodity of not-edible food industry products, food packaging


Research topics

  1. Quality and safety of food of animal origin, taking into account unconventional preservation techniques and the use of biologically active substances.
  2. Isolation of biologically active substances from animal raw materials (including proteins, peptides, phospholipids) and their applications in protection of animals and humans health.
  3. The use of hydrolytic enzymes (mainly proteases and lipases) for modification of main food constituents.
  4. Biopolymer composites and electrolysis in the packaging and preservation of food of animal origin.
  5. Food industry by-products utilization in meat processing to assure high quality of products with the minimal waste management.

Research equipment

The set for rapid solvent extraction, The set for evaporation under inert gas (SYNCOR), The set for lipid extraction (BUCHI B-811), HPLC Chromatograph 1200 Agilent Technologies with DAD, FLD and Mass detectors Triple Quad LC/MS Agilent Technologies, HPLC Chromatograph 1100/1200 HPLC 1200 Agilent Technologies, Gass CHromatograph with mass detector Agilent Technologies GC6890N/MS5973, Gass Chromatograph with mass detector Agilent Technologies GC7890A/MS5975C, Gass Chromatograph with FID/ECD detector Agilent Technologies GC7890A, Preparative centrifuge with cooling system SIGMA 8K, Viscosimeter HAAKE RS6000, Preparative HPLC system 1260 Infinity Agilent Technologies, HPLC Chromatograph HPLC 1220 Infinity Agilent Technologies, Bioreactor with working vol. 7L New Brunswick Bioflo Celligen 310, Bioreactor with working vol. 14L New Brunswick Bioflo Celligen 310, Liophilizator Freez Zoone 18l Labconco.